A Morning with More Trees

Tree Mulching Group

We had absolutely lovely weather for our team’s charity day in Bath on Wednesday!

Several of us across the group have recently been doing some work with More Trees BANES, a fantastic local charity. In February we planted 100+ trees in a field in Fox Hill, and this week we returned to the field to see an impressive amount of growth! During this session we removed weeds, mulched and watered the trees to help the growing process.

It was quite hard work and several of us had some aching muscles afterwards, but it was so rewarding to see how much we were able to accomplish to help these trees on their way.

More Trees BANES does amazing work in the community, collecting and sowing seeds in order to grow more trees in the area to help the environment and tackle climate change. They launched back in 2008 and since then have planted an incredible 11,000 trees so far.

You can find out more about More Trees BANES and get involved here: https://moretrees.earth/.

We’re certainly looking forward to going back and helping with the next phase of these trees’ growth!