Our History

Our History

From day one we wanted to make a different kind of agency

From the outset we knew that by creating a different agency model that puts people first, our customers would receive a better experience.

To deliver the best agency service, we start at the core, creating a working environment where people can thrive and excel. It lays the foundations for best practice and a sustainable mindset. We look after our people and they look after their people and so on and so forth.

We are far from a traditional agency set up – and one we feel is more relevant now than ever before. We are employee-owned and entirely distributed. We have been a distributed agency since inception, so we have a robust agility built in which has allowed us to flex and scale. Being different is a critical part of our success story and what continues to set us apart.

Ten years is a significant milestone, but in reality, our multi-layered story goes way back. It binds together a creative and collaborative collection of thoughts, expressions and individual experiences from every person that has committed to the Emberson journey. We have many more chapters yet to write.