6th Jul 2022

Emberson is celebrating two long-service awards. Alex Hudd, Executive Assistant and Alison Graham, LeadGen Manager, both started working with Emberson as supply partners and a decade later are proud to be longstanding permanent members of the agency group’s core team.  

IMG 2573

Clare Emberson Pratt, Group Managing Director, remarked: “We are thrilled to celebrate Alison and Alex’s achievements which are pivotal to our operation. 50% of our employees here at Emberson were originally supply partners. It is a tried and tested way for us to continue to build our business in a strong, capable and sustainable way. We are always looking for more creative entrepreneurs to join us!” 

Emberson has had a successful year, amassing sales of £2.4m, six new employees and three internal promotions. Emberson also acquired and re-launched HALO Present, a presentation design agency, at the start of 2022.

Post-pandemic, the business as a whole is enjoying working with a range of new clients across varied sectors, both domestic and global.