18th Oct 2023

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause has been (forgive the pun) a hot topic in recent years.

It’s brilliant that we as a society are talking openly about it much more than we used to.

But due to the large number of symptoms that affect every woman differently it can still be a confusing journey.

Female engineer smiles at the camera

As a business with a 57% female team one thing we felt we could do to make a meaningful difference was to normalise talk about menopause, among men and women.

We hold regular drop-in sessions online for anyone to join and talk about their experience of menopause (if they want to) and to ask questions and share tips. Younger members of the team often join in too – finding it useful to understand what they may experience in the coming years, how to recognise it and to be fully informed.

We also don’t want anyone to feel they have to keep their symptoms quiet. It’s perfectly fine to step away when having a hot flush, or ask for a moment to gather thoughts when brain fog descends. We can’t take anyone’s symptoms away, but we can certainly help by being understanding and supportive.