Our Impact

Our Impact

The Triple Bottom Line

Our promise is to always make a meaningful difference… to every person, organisation and community we interact with.

We measure our performance against three KPI categories of people, profit and planet.

We’ve set ourselves some ambitious, constantly evolving goals that we aim to achieve by 2030.

To help us keep track of our progress, we publish an annual impact report. Our latest report was published in September 2023:

Download the Emberson Group Impact Report 2022-23

It details our impact on people, profit and planet (and communities). It documents what we’ve achieved and how, against set KPIs.

Our first impact report, published September 2022 is also available to read:

Download the Emberson Group Impact Report 2021-2022

Part of our ethos is to have no withholds: to be open, honest and authentic at all times