Rich Whitehouse, Creative Director of Emberson Group’s newly launched b2b tech agency Future Positive, talks about his creative aspirations to lead a forward-thinking team where ambitious people inspire others to realise something far bigger than themselves…

Rich Whitehouse – New Creative Director of Emberson’s Future Positive Agency

It’s timely to be bringing Future Positive to market when the world is dealing with complexity and uncertainty of an unprecedented scale. The pandemic has forced us all to reflect, and we’ve used it to clarify our purpose and communicate where we can contribute to positive change.

Future Positive works with technology-led brands and businesses around the globe that are driving forward sustainable transformation in their sector – whether it’s the emerging hydrogen economy or innovations in healthcare. In a nutshell, we make complex topics more compelling with technical campaigns that truly speak to people.

In a complicated, constantly changing world it’s vital to avoid overloading an audience when communicating something new or technical, and risk switching them off entirely. But it’s not about dumbing down these complicated topics: it’s just shining a light on what’s valuable and then finding creative ways to make it engaging.

Distributed from day one

We’ve been a distributed team since day one and part of the Emberson Group of agencies.  We work wherever suits us best. In fact, during the pandemic the creative community has proven beyond doubt that they can come up with great ideas and award-winning work no matter where they are: creativity’s about talented people, not places. Our team is built on autonomy and trust, no one ever feels like they’re flying solo as there’s always access to specialists from the wider group if needed.  And, as a husband and father, being distributed allows me to be more involved in family life and ‘domestic operations’, rather than turning up when the day’s over just to hear what I missed.

Inclusive and hierarchy-free

As part of the Emberson Group, we’ve created a culture for Future Positive that’s transparent and refreshingly free from hierarchy. Everyone gets to contribute to the business plan and agency direction. Of course, delivering a project on another continent can be stressful, but there’s enough lightness to offset the pressure. I believe Emberson Group genuinely cares about its people and their impact on the world, and is trying to do the right thing. The B-Corp accreditation is a perfect fit, and we’re excited to be part of that journey too.

Creating something bigger

We work in cleantech, healthcare, software and space.  Many of the causes I care about are mirrored in the sectors that Future Positive is involved with – our health and wellbeing as a nation (and species), as well as the energy transition and its environmental effects. Success for us as we grow the agency will mean attracting more like-minded technology organisations to work with us in these industries, as well as inspiring new colleagues and tempting talented old friends to jump ship and join us too.

As ‘agents of change’ we don’t follow the formula of the traditional creative agency. We’re thankfully free from delicate egos and internal politics. As a small core team it’s exciting to have different ideas and be able to put them into practice. In the words of Seth Godin: “You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” Supported by Emberson Group, this really does encapsulate what Future Positive is all about.

Check out Future Positive at www.futurepositive.agency. Whatever your ambitions, if you’re interested in knowing more about what we do and how you could make the difference with the Emberson Group and its network of agencies, we’d love to hear from you. www.embersongroup.com/about/#join-us