Alex Hudd, Emberson Group’s multi-skilled, multi-tasking, Executive Assistant, is without a doubt a woman of many talents. As well as being a highly trusted and super organised team player, running across multiple areas of the business from HR, Finance, Admin and Marketing, Alex has creativity oozing from her fingertips, vibrantly demonstrated through her love of drawing and gardening…

What’s Your Story – Alex Hudd, Executive Assistant

After studying art and design at sixth form, it was many years later when Alex found the time to reignite her passion to start drawing again. Today, Alex is an accomplished pet portrait artist in her spare time, as well as an avid gardener. She puts it largely down to having the breathing space and freedom to be able to focus on her career and the things that are important to her, that allow her to just be herself, and ultimately bring her joy.  

‘’Emberson treats everyone very well, and there is absolute trust and respect. That’s not to say we don’t work hard – we definitely all do, but not necessarily in a confined 9-5 construct. It’s good to have the freedom over where and how we do our work and how that fits in with the rest of our lives and responsibilities. It engenders greater ownership which leads to everyone doing their best work.’’

Good for body and soul 

Prior to her busy role at Emberson Group, Alex would regularly work late evenings and weekends to keep up with her workload and her own admin and finance. As a self-employed freelancer, there was certainly no time for morning yoga and early dog walks with her beloved Welsh Terrier; activities which are now an integral part of Alex’s daily routine. And the thought of commuting again, making such a dent in the day with no capacity to think about anything else once home is not appealing.  ‘’Giving up things that are really good for your body and soul for something that’s not fun, productive or particularly healthy, makes no sense.’’  

Freedom to work and play 

After taking time out to study Horticulture as a mature student, Alex returned to work as a virtual assistant, which led her to Emberson Group.  ‘’Emberson was my client as a freelancer, so, I effectively got to try ‘before you buy’.  I could see this was a company who did things properly and were growing in a sustainable way I wanted to be a part of it. It was also good to have paid holiday again, a pension, healthcare and to not be working all hours doing my own self-employed admin.  

Working from home I have my environment set up exactly how I want it. I have the freedom to work in the way that suits me best, an open environment in which it’s safe to talk about how feel. And I love not having to commute, that suits me perfectly.’’  

Working for an organisation that proactively puts its people first, Alex openly admits has encouraged her to follow her passions without the need to compromise or dilute them. She feels this has been liberating and life affirming.  In addition to some challenging projects at Emberson, this summer, Alex is enjoying working on some new commissions for Pet Portraits and is excited to be making plans to create a wild meadow in her garden, whilst growing cut flowers from seed.   

Check out Alex’s Pet Portraits 

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