Clare Emberson Pratt, Co-Founder and Managing Director, celebrates 10 years of running a successful future-forward b2b agency model, which is driven by a collaborative, creative, energy that embraces individuality and encourages people to ‘just be’…

What’s your story?

3rd Feb 2021

In the midst of celebrating a decade of Emberson Group, it is National Storytelling Week. As we turn the page onto a new decade, we find ourselves in very different times. A renewed sense of poignancy now prevails as we prepare the ground for continued growth and purpose. It feels like a timely opportunity for us to reflect on all that we are and all that has led us to this point.

Ten years is a significant milestone, but in reality, our story extends way beyond a decade. Our story is multi-layered. It binds together a creative and collaborative collection of thoughts, expressions and individual experiences from every person that has committed to the Emberson journey. And with many more chapters yet to write, we are consciously focussed on celebrating our collective individuality.

Just Be

We don’t believe in agency whitewash; we believe in fostering exceptional talent in all its technicolour and glory.  As a result, the people who join us are likeminded and share the same purpose and dreams – you could call it a perfect symbiotic relationship. We like to see it as a vital part of developing our richness and depth – accepting people as they are, to join us and just be themselves. We strive to create a sustainable, nurturing, creative environment that allows everyone to be the best they can be.  The end result is enhanced, long-term relationships and a cohesive, world-class experience for our clients.

For many, a new year and a ‘new normal’ calls for a different kind of agency approach.  We are far from a traditional agency set up – and one we feel is more relevant now than ever before.  We are employee owned and entirely distributed. For us, as a distributed agency since inception, we have a robust agility built into our core which has allowed us to flex and scale.  Being different is a critical part of our success story and what continues to set us apart.

Inside Out

As a conscious agency collective, Emberson was founded on the guiding principle that it is possible to ‘do well and do good’. We view this in relation to people, planet and profit. From the outset we knew that by creating a new, and different agency model that puts people first, our customers would receive a better experience. To deliver the best agency service, we start at the core, creating a working environment where people can thrive and excel.

Our people are our shareholders; they flexibly work from home or wherever they feel works best for them, no commuting, clock-watching or agency politics. Considerable investments into our digital enablement underpins this drive and allows full and seamless integration internally and externally with our clients.

International Business-to-Business

Emberson was honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2019, just one of 201 organisations nationally to be recognised for excellence and sustained growth.  This accolade has provided us with an ambitious platform to further invest in our people, grow our global business-to-business portfolio and deliver world-class brand, marketing and lead generation services for our customers. We are privileged to be working for some of the most successful, pioneering companies in the world and are delighted that our place in the international market has been acknowledged.

The Queens Award solidified our commitment to being a different kind of agency and gave us an increased appetite to invest in the bigger picture, to shape our future and the next 10 years of Emberson.

To help us stay true to our word, we have signed up to become a Certified B Corporation. We are committed to truly walking the talk and excited to be part of a global movement of people that use business as a force for good.  Under the rigour of the B Corp scheme, we will be legally required to consider the impact of our business in relation to our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

This may all sound too good to be true, but it is simply who we are and what we work hard to be. If you are interested in knowing more about what we do and how you could make the difference with Emberson, we would love to hear from you.